🎓Move Tutor Terminal

Teach your Pokémon new moves using Type Essence at The Lab!

The Move Tutor is available at /warp lab and uses Type Essence as a currency.

Type Essence is obtained by completing Bounties obtained from Professor Watters.

Obtaining Bounties

Bounties come in 4 different tiers; Poor, Good, Excellent, or Pristine. Each tier is increasingly more difficult, however gives a proportionate amount of Type Essence- This also means the better ones are more expensive to purchase.

After purchasing a bounty, you should equip the Essence Jar in your offhand as this is the only way to begin filling it.

Completing a Bounty

Bounties give you a limited amount of time (1 hour) to catch a certain amount of Pokémon that match the Type of bounty you purchased. You can see how much time you have remaining on your bounty at the top of your screen:

Turning in a Completed Bounty

Once you have successfully filled your jar to 100%, you can turn it in at /warp lab by right clicking on the Essence Jar Exchange with the filled jar in your hand to retrieve the Type Essence inside.

Now you can spend it on any move you'd like at the Move Tutor Terminal!

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