📋Base Pixelmon Changes

Any changes we've made that modify base Pixelmon mechanics will be listed here so you know what to expect!

External Damage

Pokémon will not take damage from external sources such as suffocating, drowning, lava, fire, or any other source of damage other than being in-battle (or falling into the void). We have done this so that you will not run into situations for example where a Legendary Pokémon that spawned near you ends up wandering into the ocean and drowning before you have a chance to catch it, or a Pokémon spawns in a cave and runs into a lava pool.


Owned Pokémon will only count towards your Pokédex if you are the Original Trainer ("OT"). This means that Pokémon obtained via trading will not count towards your Pokédex completion percentage.


The generation of base Pixelmon Raid Dens has been disabled; you will not encounter raid dens in the wild. Our own implementation of Raids will be coming in a future content update.

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